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Client Testimonials

Jay and Suzanne Bernards, Maple Plain

Kilb & Rebecca have helped us buy/sell all of our homes over a 25 year period & we always come back to them because they understand us and what we are looking for & they know the markets and how to guide us. It is an emotional ride to look for the “right” home and to sell your own home so to have someone who understands what you are going through who has the patience to help you through this personal process is very important. Kilb & Rebecca have the knowledge and patience to make sure you are happy with your decision.

Chris and Joan Ueland, Minnetonka

We made an offer on another home. and you helped us out with that. In retrospect that would have been a disaster.” You helped us through the process by being calm. You listened well and understanding where we were coming from, and didn’t give up on us. This is so our dream house, we just love it. Thank you so much!”

Marilyn Footh, Bloomington

One of the smartest things I did was change realtors — as my house failed to sell with my first agent.  Actually, the smartest thing I did when it came to selling my house was to decide to go with the “sweet” realtor and his kind good wife – the Norgaards.  The both of you were so good — helpful and patient with me. I shall always be grateful to the two of you! Thanks for everything.

Tom and Peggy Murphy, Plymouth

Kilb and Rebecca Norgaard are wonderful Realtors! I highly recommend them. They are the BEST! We have worked with them twice and I was so excited they were still in the business when we needed to sell again this year. I don’t think either of our houses would have sold as quickly as they did if it hadn’t been for the two of them!” 

David and Linda Christensen, Minnetonka

Selling a family home of 27 years is a very difficult and emotional decision…. When we decided it was time, we chose The Norgaards . They provided in-depth market insight in order to price and market our home to the right buyer. Their accessibility and attention to detail in every aspect of the transaction was outstanding. The Norgaards also assisted us in finding our new home. They knew exactly what we were looking for and we could not be happier with the outcome. Our experience was absolutely stress-free and no surprises at closing for either transaction. We’ve been so happy with the service they have provided, that we have also recommended The Norgaards to both of our sons, as well as many family & friends! If you’re uncertain where to begin when you’re ready to sell, or buy, look no further than The Norgaards—–You won’t be disappointed.

Paul Ferrise, Burnsville

Kilb and Rebecca have worked with us on a few home purchases and sales. Our recent sale was our home in Burnsville MN. Kilb and Rebecca always go the extra mile to ensure all processes and paperwork are 100% so there are no surprises. They are thorough and know what is required to sell any home. Their knowledge of the market is incredible and have consulted on the best times to go on the market. As a result, our home went on the market and offer received within 10 days. They provide regular updates and ensure we have all the information to fully understand our options. I have worked with them for many years now and will continue to do so and continue to recommend them to anyone with home sale or purchase needs. 🙂

Amanda Giliotti, Bloomington

“You guys are great and super efficient!! You sold the house in 3 days!! Your knowledge about the process was a tremendous help – thank you for all your help. I will refer others your way!”

Pao and Macie Kue, Eden Prairie

“My wife and I decided to buy this property and flip it. Kilb was our agent in both the buying and selling process. Kilb has done above and beyond the duty of a Realtor, he has been there all along with us during the renovation process and has done everything possible to help us in getting that house sold. It was an eye-opening process for us but we thank the good Lord that Kilb was there all along with us. He could have walked away but he stuck with us till the end. Kilb is the go-to realtor if you ever needed one. Will use him again if the need arises. “

Pat Smida, Brooklyn Park

“Just having you two on my side, in my corner, has relieved me of so much worry. That you very much.”

Mary Ann and Rose Ann Reiss, Plymouth

“We have used both Rebecca and Kilb Norgaard for three moves and found them to be very knowledgeable about the housing market and explaining what to expect during the process. With the Norgaards, we sold 2 condos, a home, and purchased a home. We felt we couldn’t have gone through the process without their guidance. Great people to work with.

Ruth Wagner, Bill Kullberg and Mary Froberg, Minnetonka

One of the nicest experience I have had in settling my parents estate. Kilb and Rebecca definitely know their business. As soon as they posted the house on the internet, my phone was lighting up with confirmations that showings were being scheduled. From the estate sale to the closing on the house was just under under 7 weeks. I wouldn’t hesitate asking for their help the next time I sell a house.” “You did a fantastic job! We had a lot of signers and you took care of us! Thank you so much! We appreciated all your help in getting the 8 signatures we needed to sell the home. Rebecca’s attention to detail was outstanding.”

Joelle Bass, Minnetonka

The Norgaards sold my home in Minnetonka. How I chose The Norgaards to be my real estate agents is I interviewed three different real estate agents. There was justa connection with Kilb and Rebecca about the goals I wanted to achieve in selling my home. They listened to me, and respectively gave me advice when I needed to look at thee listing price for the house what home values were in the neighborhood. The thing I liked the best was the Narrated Video. It was great! It gave the ability for the prospective buyer to see the good points that I cherished in my home. I love watching it as well. This is a great attribute and selling tool Kilb has done. And, my home sold in four days! Four days! I was so happy! And I would really, really recommend The Norgaards to help you either purchase a home or sell your home.

 Paul and Betsy Kelly, Hopkins

We want to thank Kilb and Rebecca for selling our home recently. They had the insight to help us sell our home and price it exactly right. Which made it incredibly easy to sell in a matter of just 6 days! Through-out the whole process they were just great to work with. Easy to communicate with, and they always answered every question we had. We warmed up to them right away and we decided if we are ever to buy or sell again they will be the first ones we’d call.

Marla and Kyle Gross, Brooklyn Park

We purchased our first house with Kilb and Rebecca. They suggested we do a 203k loan which allowed us to get a new kitchen, new windows, new insulation, and we’re really excited to have a bran new house. The process was very complicated, but we were able to close quickly, and we’re very excited to move into our first house. Thanks Kilb and Rebecca.

Betty Heldt and Gwen Bickley, Bloomington

You both were so awesome! You did a great job, and we just love the buyers! They are just a perfect fit! We’re so thankful we chose you. Our friend from church recommended you …she was so happy with you selling her home. If we ever hear of anyone selling, we’re going to tell them to hire you.

Karen Cunningham, Minnetonka

“You did a fantastic job! We had a lot of signers and you took care of us! Thank you so much! We appreciated all your help in getting the 8 signatures we needed to sell the home. Rebecca’s attention to detail was outstanding.”

Jean Tesear, Minnetonka

I just want to say thanks for selling my home. I am so pleased with the way everything was handled after dealing with such a complicated situation. I knew I made the right choice in realtors when I picked you, because you had such a strong internet presence, and also your marketing skills. The video you made of my home was WONDERFUL, I LOVE IT! It was so nice to be able to show my friends and family what my house was doing on the market. I also appreciate you know my neighborhood so well you were able to get the sales priced I needed and take a delicate situation and maake it into a win-win for everyone. If anyone asks me, I’ll tell them The Norgaards ROCK!

Ben and Judy Nosal, Victoria

“You’re whole team was fantastic! Super job! We’ve already referred you to our friends; we know they’re in good hands.”

Rick and Laura Gross, Medina

Kilb and Rebecca helped us when we sold our home and when we bought our home. They answered every question up front. There was never any hesitation on what we needed to do or where we needed to be. They knew what we were looking for and found it. And the closing like everything else went smoothly as could be. It was the easiest transaction and it went completely smoothly from start to finish. If your looking for some one that can really do the job for you, don’t hesitate to give them a holler!

Joe and Bev Wallin, Minnetonka 

Happy buyers & sellers!

Stephen and Sharon P, Minnetonka

Considered FSBO, but had this to say in the end:

“Great job! The follow up of the staff was excellent, always called back, fantastic service. We were thinking of cutting you out, but are very happy with the full service we received. We never felt pressured.”

Chris and Peggy S, Eden Prairie

“We have bought and sold homes before, and you guys are the best.”

Chuck and Carol A, Hopkins

“Thank you for being strong for us. You did a great job!”

Claire L, Jordan

“We had a different house to sell. You did a real good job. Everyone on your team was very friendly!”

Steve and Amy F, Minnetonka

“We absolutely loved working with Rebecca! She made the process o so smoothly. We had fun, and we LOVE our new home!”

Bill H, Minnetonka

“I enjoyed working with everyone on the team; they did a great job following up on everything.”

Dr. Stephanie and Tom S, Brooklyn Park

“Thank you for assisting with our relocation to the Twin Cities. We love our new home!.”

Jack and Lisa J, Minnetonka

“Great job! We’ve already recommended you to a friend.”

Rich and Linda S, Bloomington

“We were very pleased with the Norgaard’s performance. My dad’s house sold in 1 day.”

Stu and Diane S, Minnetonka

“We’re very happy! You did a great job; very professional. We have already recommended you!”

Stephen and Sunny C, Minnetonka

“Both Kilb and Rebecca were wonderful to deal with; Rebecca was so thorough in our purchase. They are a huge asset, very nice to deal with and are conscientious with the details. We can’t thank you enough for what an excellent job you have done for us. Really, your team was great to work with.”

Stephen and Sharon P, Minnetonka

“We had our house on the market before with another realtor, and it didn’t sell. You guys did a great job! Thanks for selling our house in a week!”

Bill and Sandra W, Minnetonka

“It was a good experience. On the 1st offer you held your nerve. You have good instincts. Thanks for selling our home list price. Really liked the on-line CMA process to develop the pricing. You were extremely responsive. Very good..”

Mark and Guilette D, Minnetonka

“Kilb knew the market well. The team did great marketing photos and followed up on all the details. Thanks!.”

Heather S, Minnetonka

“You did a great job and were wonderful to work with.”

John O and Serena R, Minnetonka

“Professional, efficient, a very positive experience. Thanks!”

Margaret E, Minnetonka

“Kilb and Rebecca continued to show and promote my house until it was sold. They are very professional and knowledgeable of the Minnetonka area.”

John B, Minnetonka

“You do good work. I’ll be sure to keep mentioning you when I hear about someone buying or selling.”

Nate and Gina V, Deephaven

“We really enjoyed working with you. You did a great job of answering our questions and helping us track down our new house. Thanks!”

Todd and Kari R, Minnetonka

“We are so happy with our new home! Rebecca went the extra mile for us and the team followed up on any and all details! We will definitely recommend you to our friends!”

Gery H, Minnetonka

“You did a great job!  You did exactly what you said you were going to do.  Thanks for selling my home quickly and for full price.”

Ed and Kathy O, Minnetonka

“The most important thing is that you understood the market.  We felt completely comfortable with the price.  Excellent job!  It was a realistic expectation/we knew what to expect.”

Ann H. ATI Title Co. Branch Supervisor, Eden Prairie

“I’ve done two closings with the Norgaards; the team is wonderful. They always called and made sure everything was OK and notified us on any changes. This makes my job a lot easier.”

Joe P, Minnetonka

“Thanks for setting the right price.  We’re excited about the move.”

Mike and Pam H, Chaska

“It’s been a pleasure knowing you.  You did a great job working both sides of the transaction.”

Greg and Tracy R, Savage

“You did a great job selling our home and we appreciate your attention to detail.”

Trevor and Sue G, Minnetonka

“Everything went so well and quickly.  We were very pleased.”

Bernice H, Shorewood

“I was so happy with the way the Norgaards worked for me while I was looking for my home.  I wasn’t entirely sure what I was looking for, but they were very patient with me in my search.  Rebecca wasn’t just looking to sell me a house, she wanted to help me find the home I would be happy with.”

Gary and Sandy L, Eden Prairie

“We enjoyed working with you.  Things went very smoothly.”

Erin C and Jim M, Apple Valley

“You advised us very well as to the price and the things we needed to do.  Your help was very appreciated.”

Pete and Michelle S, Hopkins

“We had fun. You did a great job looking at all the details.  We really benefited from your experience.”

Jack and Ruth B, Eden Prairie

“The thing that impressed us the most was that you knew marketing.  The home hotline was fantastic.  You did a great job!”

Jim G and Laurie W, Minetonka

“You’re a wonderful seller’s advocate. You really earned your commission.”

Derek and Kristi P, Plymouth

“Rebecca was personable, fun and easy to work with.  Her knowledge and flexibility helped us get the home we love.”

Michael and Kelli A, Minnetonka

“You did a great job!  The CMA was good and helped us make good pricing decisions.  The whole process was smooth.”

Mitch and Nancy L, Deephaven

“You were very persistent in selling our home. Great follow up. Your reality based statistics really helped us.”

Lee and Bette L, Minnetonka

“It’s been fun. It’s been a trip! We are going to recommend you to anyone buying or selling.”

David and Sheila A, Chanhassen

“We couldn’t be happier! Your Guarantee Program really worked for us. We were on the market before with another real estate agent and our home didn’t sell. The Norgaard’s aggressively marketed our home and got us 98.3% of list price. We would highly recommend The Norgaard’s Guaranteed Sales Program to everyone!””

Jarvis and Christina L, Plymouth

“The Norgaards sold our home just in the knick of time! We had to sell our home in less than 30 days in order to buy the lot and build our dream lake home. Thank you for getting us 99.2% of our list price!”

Darren and Kirsten V, Maple Grove

“The Norgaards sold our house in record time for 103% of our asking price. They did an outstanding job. Their team approach to selling really worked for us. We would strongly recommend their services to anyone thinking of buying or selling a home!”

Bob and Barb G, Eden Prairie

“Thank You for selling our home in 30 days for 99.4% of our asking price. Rebecca did an outstanding job finding us the perfect home. Your team approach is a great idea! We would be happy to refer your services.”

Steve and Chris V, Minnetonka

“We felt that the Norgaards marketing strategy was very well thought out and complete. Our home sold in 14 days for full price! It would be our pleasure to refer you to anyone considering selling their home. Thank you very much!”

Steve and Tricia S, Brooklyn Park

“The Norgaards did a great job in selling our home. Our house sold in 3 days for 100% of the asking price! Their marketing and team strategy really worked for us! Also, thank you for finding our next home. We will refer you to our friends!”

Debi W and Steve G, Minneapolis

“We interviewed 4 different realtors, you were the only ones that had a marketing strategy that made sense! Our house sold in 5 days for 99.2% of the list price. Thank you for an outstanding job!

Danielle K, Edina

“Many thanks for your guidance!”

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Theresa C. Universal Title Closer, Minnetonka

“Rebecca sends little emails on any changes right away. She is doing a great job.”

Dimtry Ginzberg, Burnsville

Happy buyer and Seller

Dean M and Sharon F, Eden Prairie

Happy buyers!

Mike G, Minnetonka

Happy seller!

Eric F and Kathy S, Golden Valley

Happy buyers & sellers!

Dick and Joanne N, St Louis Park

Happy buyers & sellers!

Cathy H, Minnetonka 

Happy seller!

James and Nancy R, Minnetonka 

Happy sellers!

Linda L, Minnetonka 

Happy seller!

Roger and Dian H, Minnetonka 

Happy sellers!

Ann and Peter H, Minnetonka 

Happy seller!

Jerry and Ann K, Minnetonka 

Happy sellers!

Jean K, Minnetonka 

Happy seller!

Dave and Joan P, Chanhassen 

Happy buyers & sellers!

Bob and Darlene V, Minnetonka

Happy sellers!