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Sold In 30 Days or Less

A short market time gives you a strong negotiating position

With Real Estate, time is not your friend. The longer your home sits on the market un-sold the more people assume somethings wrong with it. The quicker an offer comes in, the more likely a buyer is willing do pay your asking price, or close to it. And, the possibility of multiple offers.

We have a well thought out plan that prepares your home for sale and removes potential buyer objections. When you price your home correctly everyone knows it. Effective pricing reduces the stress and inconvenience of moving. A short market time means more money for you.


Jay and Suzanne Bernards

Candidly discuss how Kilb and Rebecca brought a calming perspective to achieving their lifetime goal of selling their home in the Twin Cities and moving up north to their dream home.

Suzanne discusses why The Norgaards straight talk was exactly what they needed to hear when they were about ready to compromise their vision, and buy the wrong home.


Schedule A Walk-thru Consultation

Preparation is key. Give yourself time to get your home ready to sell. Remove potential buyer objections before they can be used against you in an offer.

What improvements will yield the most return on your investment? What improvements if any, are you willing to make to your home? Do you have a budget set aside for improvements? What would you like to do yourself and what would you hire out? The best place to start is to schedule a walk-thru consultation.

The purpose of the consultation is to assess potential buyer objections and how this could affect an offer and ultimately your net proceeds. Or, what improvements should I make that will net me the most money.

Buyer objections have remained consistent in showing feedback over the years. The top 6 are; price, cost of improvements, location, lot, layout, and room sizes. Understanding your homes strengths and weaknesses will reduce anxiety. Read “Why my home didn’t sell” this article discusses buyer objections and why homes fail to sell.

Should you have your home pre-inspected

We do thinks it’s a good idea to test those items that buyer’s are most concerned about. Check out “The Top 5 Home Inspection Items Buyers use to renegotiate.”

Rebecca Norgaard COO

Rebecca discusses Real Estate. Her role in The Norgaard Team, and the importance of having a full-time seasoned agent on your side.

Rebecca resolves hidden issues that seem to come up after the contract has been negotiated. So you close on time.


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