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Buy a Home with An Eye on the Future.

We’re experts at helping you purchase a home in Minnesota with plans for the future.

Buying a home for retirement or to age in is a unique process and requires experienced guidance. Whether it’s strategically planning for the “no-go” years or purchasing a home in your 60’s to enjoy while you escape the Minnesota Winters in Arizona – we’re uniquely equipped to serve you and your family.

Buying for Retirement:

Unique Perspective for Baby Boomers

When you buy a home with us, you’ll recieve guidance and perspective that’s uniquely crafted for people buying (and selling) with an eye on the future.¬†

After working with hundreds of clients, and experiencing this first hand, we’ve identified that there are three stages of living that retirees need to prepare for.

Buy a home in preparation for these stages.

1: The “Go-Go” Years

Early in retirement, traveling, vacations, camping, and hobbies are incredibly important – as is prioritizing family gatherings and other important things.

2: The “Slow-Go” Years

As we age, there’s a slowing down that occurs, and the home you buy should either accomidate your future needs here, or you should have an exit strategy.

3: The “No-Go” Years

Having a home with adult day care services and in-home services is possible. Not only that, but we can help you decide what’s appropriate for you or your family member.

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